Silvana Sisi is inspired by the world of advertising and fashion that reaches us through the television; her pictorial eye freezes the image and creates a transmutation from the electronic image to painting.

All this is seen through an intended simplification of the picture, in a clearness that privileges the foreground without neglecting the surrounding details.

The bright chromatic copiousness of Silvana Sisi's works is the result of a masterly processing of sponging with the colouristic matter hexibits in its loveliness, thanks to braining and dropping that defers to the american informal teacher's dripping.

Sisi's pictures are based on a range of refined colours, in which prevail the basetunes of white, black, blue, red, in a fine synphony of shades, sometimes even the monochromatic or the most basslinght, in an analogous process of photographic solarizzation.

Silvana Sisi's work is not isolated, it shows how up to date the most recent pictorial language is.

Both the technique and the subjects belonging to daily life and to the television world link the painter to the New International Image current group, one of the most relevant aspects of the American and European art world.

Silvana Sisi brings back to life the everlasting magic of painting, its value of poetic double of the real
world, a threshold beyond which even the most common scenes are given new beauty.

Great art always has its origin in the past, it is the result of the past and present blended:

Silvana Sisi, with her talent, is no exception to this golden rule and her method of execution is the ancient technique at the basis of European painting: egg tempera, revisited.

The egg tempera's secret is described by Cennino Cennini, father of medieval painting, in his art book dated 1398:

"Prima che facci niun'altra cosa, togli una spugna ben lavata e abbi un rossume d'uovo con la chiara e mettilo in due scodelle d'acqua chiara bene insieme e, con la detta spugna mezza premuta, della detta tempera va egualmente sopra tutto il lavoro che hai a colorare”.

Eggs and tempera give make to Sisi’s paints the consistency of the oil ad the trasparency of the acquerelo with a final unique style effect non changeable by the time.

The artist lives and works in Fano (Italy) and in Itaparica (Bahia – Brasil).